FABcessories was established in 2011, combination of "fabulous" and "accessories". We insisted on making every piece of accessories by ourselves, all the designs are 100% micro-manufacturing in Hong Kong. Every piece is intricate with laser cut and hand assembled. 

Fun things to do, we all need some fun in our life, won’t you feel bored with your repeat mode on everyday? You want something crazy, isn’t it? To quit a stable job and create a brand, open a shop, is a big crazy thing I have done recently. And this is the idea behind FABcessories, fun thing is crazy, stable is never interesting.
WE are very happy everytime when customers shared their experience of wearing FABcessories, said “I caught a lot of attentions and praises when I m wearing your design.” As this is what we are pursuing, with all the interesting and warm  interaction, we know that, we are still living in a real world.


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