Bouvery CV Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Bouvery CV Dark Chocolate Liqueur





Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


使用無麩質伏特加,混合有機可可和天然香料,營造出濃郁的黑巧克力酒。自 1999 年在倫敦諾丁山成立以來,Danny Bouvery 對混合優質巧克力和伏特加(冰箱裡的常客)的興趣使他進行了實驗,並最終在紐約完善了他的秘方。


酒精濃度:16% ABV


BouveryCV® uses a gluten-free vodka, blended with organic cocoa and natural flavors to create a rich dark chocolate alcoholic journey. From its 1999 inception in Notting Hill, London, Danny Bouvery's interest in blending fine chocolate and vodka (regular occupants in his fridge) led him to experiment and finally perfecting his secret recipe in New York.


Smooth, Luxurious, Decadent


375ml | 16% vol.