Filter017 HKT Collection:Graphics Pattern Pillow

Filter017 HKT Collection:Graphics Pattern Pillow

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  • Filter017

    Filter017 first time presents pillow in officially, 
    combine our 10th anniversary design theme 
    HKT:Hunter-Killer Team, 
    we use a rare dyeing and printing technology in Taiwan, 
    by using this exquisite dyeing and printing technology, 
    increase the whole detail of graphic pattern.

    We use the intimate's removable pillowcase, 
    we also use our own special custom button 
    replace the cold feeling of zipper.

    Pass through past decade, whether in graphic design or product design, Filter017 using our own thought and imagination, go step by step put our graphic design into the life style.

    Style : White / Camo green 
    Size : 38.5cm *38.5 cm