Filter017 Wool Blend Outdoor Backpack -Deep brown

Filter017 Wool Blend Outdoor Backpack -Deep brown

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  • Filter017

    Continuation of the OUTDOOR LAB topic, Filter017 present the "Filter017 Wool Blend Outdoor Backpack - Series2 ", simple outlook and improve the American retro style old outdoor package, we use the wool blend material increase chammy to produce the backpack, with embossing leather piece,exquisite embroidery, LOGO rivets etc detail, carefully selected strengthen webbing and to strengthen overall durable, the pack's inner layer isn't like the generally basic package shall, special increase the notebook shock absorption interlayer and back inner pocket, mesh bag,pen slots,keychain ouch...ets,aesthetic and practical function of both, this is very useful in the daily of urban and outdoor activities!

    Color: Navy wool blend
    Material:Wool blend 
    Notebook shock absorption interlayer,back inner pocket, 
    mesh bag,pen slots,keychain ouch

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