Filter017 X Brainfart55 – POP CORN Scented Candle

Filter017 X Brainfart55 – POP CORN Scented Candle

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  • Filter017

    When the Filter017 meet Brainfart 55, 
    we both think the most of design inspired has come from living.

    This time we presents the crossover scent candle, 
    the main design concept has using our classic character - POPCORN, 
    through Brainfart55's professional candle making skill, 
    not only presents POPCORN's playful looking and attitude, 
    but also focus on the sculpture's detail, 
    even the corn kernels has been sculpt in perfectly.

    We also presents three different colors and smells , 
    that could let you selected!

    we will add more foam pad and protection way for overseas shipping

    Color&Smell : Black (vanilla) / Green (tropical jungle) / Yellow (tender floral)