Filter017 x Evangelion - EVA Pattern Socks

Filter017 x Evangelion - EVA Pattern Socks

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  • Filter017

    This times Filter017 x Evangelion, we use the single color's Evangelion camouflage as main design visual, to present the "Filter017 x Evangelion - EVA Pattern Socks",

    We took the graphic design of EVA and Angel, and use these source and element to layout and design as the single color pattern, single color's camouflage brings people more strange and uneasiness, also present the sense of tension in "EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN REDO."

    Texture : 
    Yellow & purple socks : 25% cotton / 55% nylon / 15% poly fiber / 5% spandex 
    Blue Gray socks : 48% cotton / 32% nylon / 15% poly fiber 

    Color : Yellow / Purple / Blue+Grey (Only sell for one set) 
    Size : 24-26cm 
    Made In Taiwan