Filter017 x Jiukoushan Mix Badger Enamel Cup

Filter017 x Jiukoushan Mix Badger Enamel Cup

  • Filter017

    This time Filter017 design team use the Mix Badger as the design theme, combine with notebook brand JIUKOUSHAN together, to presents the brand new series product.

    Continuation "CREALIVE OUTDOOR LAB" camping outdoor style, we presents the year 2016's main theme - 「MIX BADGER」,with representatives of the brand spirit of anthropomorphic animal characters -MIX BADGER, it presents the independence and solidarity of the team concept.

    This season Filter017 combine the living concept in our product, to present the famous living item - enamel cup!

    We use the 0.7mm thickness enamel to produce this enamel cup, whole cup is produce by handmade in Taiwan, it's pretty refractory the high temperature, it could refractory the high temperature till 400 °C.

    Texture : Enamel 
    Size : 9cm x 8 cm 
    Weight : 155g 
    Capacity: 400ml