Ha.ma - Pour Saucer Set

Ha.ma - Pour Saucer Set

  • Ha.ma

    • Introduction

    Three dimensions of a dish of beans, small dishes, inspired by the shape of the plant rotundifolia "pocket money", and the gap may be holding chopsticks and other utensils. Blues glaze to create a cool feeling, the effect is not the same for each disc center, is sintered at high temperature kiln changes.

    • Use and maintenance methods

    Can be used as soon as a decorative plate or a friend or fruit refreshment disk-tableware.
    Please flexible fabric scrub, wash general cleaner wipe can be.

    • Material

    Clay, pure handmade

    • Size

    Great - 13 x 13cm
    The - 10 x 10cm
    Small - 8 x 8cm