imainaya - 紙糊 招財 貓達摩 兩件SET

imainaya - 紙糊 招財 貓達摩 兩件SET

【Designer’s NEKO   Every Day is Great Day】

In Zen, there is a saying “Nichi Nichi Kore Ko Jitsu” which means “Every day is the best, every day is learning, and every day is special.” On the left side of Designer’s NEKO, this concept is written in Italian.


The sign on the front of Designer’s Neko [+ – = – +] altogether shows the Japanese kanji 幸 (means “happiness”). In life, both good things and bad things happen, but they equal at zero. No matter what happens, let’s keep looking forward and that’s the happy way of living.



【Designer’s DARUMA    Seven Downs & Eight Ups】

The six lines on the front of Daruma indicate that time passes from the past to the future. On each side of Daruma, the concept of “Seven Downs & Eight Ups” is written as a mathematical formula in Italian. “Cadere” means falling, and “rialzarsi” means getting up. With the color choices of white, black, or red, many people enjoy Designer’s Daruma as an interor décor.


We all “fall” in life from time to time, but a falling is not a failure. When we fall, we can always get up again for another beginning. We wish that Designer’s Daruma is there to guide you in life.

Since Designer’s Daruma is handmade, your Designer’s Daruma is the only one in the world. We can also make Designer’s Daruma with special plating at your request.