InstantFlex TL70 Lens Set by Mint

InstantFlex TL70 Lens Set by Mint

  • MINT

    InstantFlex TL70 Lens Set

    The TL70 lens set includes ND Filters (ND2, ND4, ND8), a Close-up Lens and a Lens Hood. This Lens Set is one of your must-have items to complete your TL70 journey. Unleash your creativity and maximise full potential of TL70!

    1. ND filters - ND2, ND4, ND8

    Get more accurate exposed shots by using different Neutral Density filters from ND2 to ND8. It can help reduce any extra light entering the camera and avoid over-exposure under bright sunlight. You can even use a larger aperture such as f/5.6 to enjoy shallow depth‑of‑field now. ND filters are your perfect accessories for outdoors shooting and slow shutter shot.

    2. Close up lens

    Get intimate with the subject to as close as 18cm. You can achieve even more shallow depth-of-field using the close up lens.

    3. Lens hood

    Use on the lower lens to reduce unwanted levels of glare due to the Sun or other lights. It can also protect the lens from scratches and damages.