Love By The Moon - Ray Of Light Bracelet (MoonStone)

Love By The Moon - Ray Of Light Bracelet (MoonStone)


All about cosmic romance and beautiful craftsmanship in our Ray of Light collection, a tribute to our amazing universe.
Let your inner sun shines through with the delicate Ray Of Light Bracelet.

Featuring a sun charm which has ethereal Moonstone centred, shining cubic zirconia stones etched, 'Ray Of Light' Bracelet is a inspirational piece that charge your energy of love.


14K 1.0 Micron Gold Plated on Brass

Genuine Blue Moonstone

Adjustable Chain


*This lovely piece is artfully handmade hence each unique jewel may differ slightly from another.

  • Love By The Moon

    LOVE BY THE MOON is an independent label that tells stories with gemstone jewelry. Stories of wildest dreams, magical moon, and wishing stars.

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