Matchwood Density Waist Bag - Blue

Matchwood Density Waist Bag - Blue

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  • Matchwood

    • Density Bag special use under the narrow width and streamline appearance design, 
    • The back is triangular sandwiches flank and breathable mesh fabric design, 
    • People back up more obedient and not hot. 
    • This short out specifically for users of design, 
    • The appearance of light, has a large capacity design, 
    • Mezzanine is a systematic plan to let cell phone, wallet, keys, coins, 
    • Headphone wire and thin camera has a unique place to place, whether shopping, 
    • Classes, cycling are quite suitable functional package money !! 
    • Dimensions: 31.5 (W) X17 (high) X9.5 (thick) cm 
    • Capacity: 5L

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