MATCHWOOD Outdoor Backpack

MATCHWOOD Outdoor Backpack

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  • Matchwood

    • Matchwood Camo Series follows the previous Portable pocket 
    • After Outdoor backpack with classic package type as the basis for stitching camouflage pattern, 
    • And also to develop new bag-type package, the overall package more complete with the production line !! 
    • The after Matchwood Outdoor backpack with Camouflage design style pockets 
    • Echo each other, using 600D adhesive canvas, 
    • Stitching 80% wool fabric, 
    • Hidden zipper front pocket and had changed to the exposed metal and presented in a way; 
    • Internal reserved 17-inch laptop mezzanine, 
    • The left and right sides of the pocket can be placed Jie kettle or umbrella!  
    • Color: Blue Camouflage 
    • Size: 45CM x 30CM x 12CM

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