Matchwood Rider - Black/ Grey

Matchwood Rider - Black/ Grey

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  • Matchwood

    - Matchwood Rider waterproof laptop backpack carry 17-inch laptop mezzanine snow camouflage backpack. 
    - Rider Backpack own weight about 500 grams 
    - Waterproof fabric material 
    - Waterproof thicker inner layer bonded to make a more inclusive perspective and sturdy 
    - Wrap the whole strap can withstand more than 20 kg of weight 
    - Can be said that both the form and function of Backpacks 
    - This one is designed to match the wood classics! 

    - Capacity: 22L 
    - Dimensions: 28 (W) X51 (high) X16 (thick) cm 

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