MOOMIN × amabro - Mashiko Pottery - Glaze - / Nukajiro

MOOMIN × amabro - Mashiko Pottery - Glaze - / Nukajiro

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  • Moomin x amabro

    On “Nukajiro” plate, the illustration is from “Moominland Midwinter” published in 1957.
    Little My enjoys ice skating, but the ice start to break. Moomintroll goes to help her. The cut is a scene that Moomintroll falls down into icy sea by mistake after he helped Little My.

    Bottom half of the plate is glazed by “Nukajiro” glaze which is a traditional glaze of Mashiko pottery. Nukajiro glaze is made of ash of burned chaff. The glaze becomes white after baking.


    Size : φ155mm × h26mm

    Materil : Porcelain

    *made in JAPAN*

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