ShAnho - Small Envelope Necklace

ShAnho - Small Envelope Necklace


Mini Letter: Envelope 1.4cm x 1cm, Stationery 1.2cm x 0.8cm


Handwritten words and encouragement should be the best wishes

Letter to Her/ Him/ Yourself 💭
Actual handwriting /drawing Necklace | 925 silver
A sterling silver envelope that can be opened and a letter that can be engraved with a personal letter
Write a letter to him or himself or for yourself to treasure forever

Handwriting (Chinese or English) or patterns can be printed on silver!
Envelopes can be opened and small buckles added. Letters in the face will not easily fall out!
The envelope can also be engraved.

**Rose gold using three-layer electroplating Gold vermeil, not easy to fade.**

This piece will be CUSTOM MADE, allow 2-3weeks for production.