Instant camera SLR670α by Mint

Instant camera SLR670α by Mint

  • Mint

    • SLR670α is a ISO600 Instant camera, newly invented by MiNT.
    • Appearance of SX-70 & Body of SLR680Classic sensational brown color with genuine leather, black stem and black button. It will be attractive and stunning among the your vintage collection!
    • Split circle for precision focusing
    • Best mirrors of SLR camera
    • Most advanced shutter and brightness control
    • * Compatible with PX70 & PX680 film on different setting.
    • No need ND filter
    • Single-lens reflex camera
    • Made in 1972-1977
    • Manual focus: 10" to infinity
    • Shutter speeds from 1/175th to 10+ seconds
    • Takes Impossible film with no batteries required.
    • 3 year warranty (extendable)

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