Two Moons Signature Dry Gin

Two Moons Signature Dry Gin





Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


融合了 12 種植物 — 其中 6 種來自亞洲,是一款帶有當地風味的經典乾酒。 使用芬芳的柑橘、甜堅果(包括中國杏仁)、杜松子和各種醇厚的香料,這些美麗的植物成分完美融合,創造出前所未有的優雅、複雜和光滑的精神。


品酒摘要:香氣撲鼻,帶有柑橘香氣。 啜飲 - 檸檬和橘子的清脆香氣首先從口中滑過,並發展成柔和的漿果花香。 香草和零陵香豆的甜美堅果味在味蕾中縈繞不去,最後帶來醇厚的香料和根的味道。



容量:700 毫升


獎項:最近在備受推崇的 2020 年倫敦乾金酒世界金酒獎類別中贏得了香港首個金銀獎。


Incorporating 12 botanicals - 6 of which are of Asian origins, this gin is a take on a classic dry with a local twist. Using fragrant citruses, sweet nuts (including Chinese almonds!), juniper berries and an assortment of mellow spices, these beautiful botanicals are perfectly fused to create a spirit of unprecedented elegance, complexity and smoothness.

Tasting Notes: Fragrant with citrus aromatics on the nose. Sipped - crisp notes of lemons and tangerines first glide through the mouth and develop into a soft floral kick of pink berries. The sweet nuttiness of vanilla and tonka beans then linger in the palate before leading to a finishing flavor of mellow spices and roots.


700ml | 45% vol.

Craft Distilled In Hong Kong


Awards: Two Moons Signature Dry Gin has recently earned the title of Hong Kong’s first gin to win Silver at the respected World Gin Awards 2020 London Dry Gin category.