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Mimosa is a simple, lightweight timepiece designed for ease-of-use and a comfortable fit. The circular wooden case features highly visible metallic indices and hands set into a woodgrain face. Available in a variety of wood colors.


    • 100% Natural Wood  
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Completely free of toxic chemicals  
    • Premium Miyota 2035 Movement
    • Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
    • Adjustable to fit any wrist


    Wood Watch Dimensions:
    BAND: 26.5 mm wide, and  21 cm (8.3”) long (maximum)
    FACE (including wood frame/bezel): 33 mm wide, 8.5 mm thick, and 43 mm long


    African Blackwood (Black)

    Scientific name: Dalbergia Melanoxylon (Mpingo)

    Among the densest and hardest woods in the world, African Blackwood is native to the central and southern African Savannah. Its durability and rich coloring makes it a popular choice for woodwind instruments. The African Blackwood’s use dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, where it was used to create exquisite furniture for nobles.


    *Due to the season and age of the wood chosen for your unique WeWood Timepiece, colors may be darker or lighter (within reason and hue) than the photo. The sun, temperature, and climate all play huge roles in the color changing process.


    WeWOOD has completely redesigned its packaging, incorporating mostly recycled materials, so that each box is not only 100% recyclable but also as eco-stylish as its content.