• ZO-EE

    This debut ne jewelleries collection is designed by 2 different brands 
    AS x ZO-EE. AS x ZO-EE ocially launched their new jewelleries collection in Feb 2016. The collaboration takes inspiration from the free form of knotted structures which have been key design elements of ZO-EE. AS x ZO-EE were drawn to the appeal of exploring the perfect balance between shape, texture and nish. This collaboration demonstrates the creation of free owing knots in their truly unique design process.

    Materials: sterling silver with 18-karat gold plating

    1. Avoid air contact when storing. Storing in our original boxes or pouches is the best way to keep your jewellery. A zip plastic bag is a handy way to do this in case you have lost the original packaging.

    2. Avoid water: Do not place next to heater, window, air conditioner or in the bathroom. Do not wear it in the pool or shower.

    3. Avoid cosmetics. Apply scents or cosmetics before you put on your jewellery. Perfumes and lotions will tarnish the jewellery.

    4. Avoid sweat. Remove jewellery when exercising, or any other demanding physical work, as sweating causes the jewellery to tarnish.